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I absolutely love, love my job. I love the variety of people I am meeting which I would never have met otherwise. I love to see all the various places even within my city I would never have gone otherwise. I love that each photo session is different. I love the clicking sound when I press the button on my camera. I love to implement my art and knowledge to get the most out of an image during the photo shoot and afterwards by post-processing it to its perfection in Photoshop. I love to see the the final result in print.

My earliest childhood memories include happily experimenting with my dad's camera. I grew fascinated with the idea of capturing the beauty of the world around us in a picture. Little did I realize at the time that my curiosity would turn into a lifelong journey.

A beautiful moment passes in a second, a photo captures and preserves it forever.  When my children were born, I knew I wanted to treasure every precious, fleeting moment with them. This awakened a deep passion for capturing these moments through the perfect image.

After studying economics and business administration and years of working in private banking, I decided to make my dream true. I went back to school to study photography and graduated from the CAP Creative Advanced Photography school in Zurich, Switzerland. The course covered intensive, broad training in all aspects of photography.  I learned how to combine cutting-edge on-location and studio techniques with knowledge, experience and instinct to get the best out of every photo shoot. In addition I have acquired a broad knowledge in Photoshop skills over the years which enable me to professionally edit and transform each image into a unique piece of art.

Since then, I have been working both for corporate clients (people, product, event and architecture photography), magazines (editorials) and private clients (people photography). Many of my editorials and photos have been published in magazines and newspaper. I am a member of the Association of Swiss professional photographers and photo designers (SBF) which stands for the highest standards in the photography profession.  

Denise Ackerman Lakeside Photography